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There are times in our lives that we have to make difficult decisions in regards to loved ones or even ourselves. Whether it is the estate of a loved one, downsizing, or moving, East End Antiques can help you make this difficult transition time easier.

Who Are We?

• We are a compassionate and honest company that is family owned and operated. We have many years of experience in the sales arena.

• We have all of our own staging supplies, i.e. tables. tablecloths, lighting, surveillance, as well as a dedicated staff that holds the same integrity and values that we do...YOU are our first priority.

• We host our sales in compliance with all town and village ordinances. All signs posted are removed after the sale.

• We understand the difficulties and challenges of parting with a loved ones items. Let us help you so that you are not overwhelmed.

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Joe Pironti
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Kim Pironti
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Member Chamber of Commerce of the Moriches since 2016





Why Choose Us?

We are bonded and insured.

As qualified appraisers, we know the fair market estate value prices. This insures that you will receive the most out of every item sold. We stage our sales in order to highlight all of the items being sold. All items are set up in a clean and organized fashion.

No out-of-pocket fees to you when we are hosting a sale.

“We run “All Day” sales and will run for at least two days, depending on quantity of contents. We generally host upwards of 150 customers daily during our sales because of our notoriety and popularity. Our customers know that they are dealing with a fair and reputable sales via our mailing list.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Due to our sales expertise, this will be a profitable experience for you. Any items left will be dealt with based on your wishes, such as donation to a charity, and/or arrangements will be made for dumpsters and cleanout crew (at an additional charge). The home will be left “broom-swept” clean.


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